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Developing skills in science and technology has never been so much fun. A truly inspiring robotics-based programme which has captured the hearts and imaginations of children around the world.




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We want the excitement and rewards of the First Lego League to reach as many children as possible. We recognise that there can sometimes be barriers to taking part, so we’ve set up a bursary scheme to help!



  • Fun 95%
  • Exciting 81%
  • Inspiring 57%
  • Difficult 50%
  • Easy 8%
  • Pointless 1%
  • Boring 1%

Over 500 participants were asked to circle words that describe FLL Scotland. Over half said it was difficult — but of these a whopping 97% circled fun.

The children have been on an amazing journey, watching them develop their ideas and solve problem after problem has been very rewarding for all of us. The EV3 robot and software continue to be used across our school to enhance learning.

Phill Mathis

Teacher and FLL Coach
Sunnyside Primary

In those two and a half minutes at the table, I watched that boy go through every emotion known to man, and at the end he was euphoric from all the work that he and his team had put in and had paid off!

Cristina Press

Teacher and FLL Coach
Cowie Primary School

The FLL was a great experience for my pupils and introduced many new skills to them. In particular it developed their problem solving skills. It also introduced robotics into the school, which FLL and Lambda Jam enabled us to do.  It has enthused the whole school. If you’re looking for something to develop team building and problem solving then I would recommend FLL.

Gemma Sanderson

Teacher and FLL Coach
Kirkton of Largo Primary School

Scottish FLL Tournaments

In 2016/17 we will be hosting 3 FIRST LEGO League tournaments across Scotland. These will be held in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee.


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